"To perceive is to suffer." - Aristotle

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Realisticlly Unrealistic

Wasn't that Safeguard your Spirituality such an up building assembly? I know myself it was something i needed very much. I also befriended some new Bethelites! Bryan Patton, Keegan, Tyler Long, Ryan.. All really awesome dudes. That was very nice. Life has been so realistically unrealistic, these past months have been a real test, and that test hasn't ended yet. I am trying to maintain the viewpoint that it is only helping me to become a stronger person. That which does not kill you, makes you stronger. I have my good days, and i have my bad, i suppose everyone does.. this I need also keep perspective of. The fact that it always could be worse, and that somewhere, someone, is going through a situation worse than mine. Not that it is of any comparison as to what I'm going through but on my way home tonight i saw a car flipped on its side. I also saw a teenager with his hood up over his head standing next to the white 80's mustang flipped on its passenger side.. I mean i know what it feels like to go through an accident, and it sucks. Never have i flipped a car, which i imagine to be even more traumatizing. The Adolescent appeared to be fine, physically speaking. But again i mean what if that were me? Those feelings you get.. oh so horrible. Perspective is everything, it really is, i have come to learn this. The way you perceive things can influence things a lot and a lot of things. We must try to always conclude, we know not all. This is hard to do seeing as though it goes against human tendency. But we must all put forth some effort to reason this way, because a lot of the time we don't know all about the situation or whatever may it be. Or perhaps we do but we aren't thinking of those things, we take the situation for face value instead of reasoning on the deeper parts. For such a complex world we live in we must have complex minds of reasoning or else all will entangle further. Take for instance the Gull chick. Soon after hatching, gull chicks peck at their parent's bill in order to obtain regurgitated food. One scientist evaluated the effective stimuli controlling this begging response by presenting the chicks a graded series of cardboard models that mimicked the parent's head and bill in a variety of ways. The number of responses elicited from the young gulls by the different models revealed that the size, action, and position of the bill were all involved, but perhaps most important was the presence of the contrasting red spot at the tip of the adult's bill. Importantly, he also established that not all features of the adult's head were critical, as neither the color of the model's head or its bill influenced the strength of the chick's response. Now what i conclude from this, which i find to be comparative to us, is this. "the size, action, and position of the bill were all involved, but perhaps most important was the presence of the contrasting red spot at the tip of the adult's bill." As well as the fact that not all features were important but some were, and more than one. In comparison to the fact that we must take into consideration the size, action and position of the situation we are in.. and that some of the events or conclusions we come to simply aren't as important as we imagine them to be. Really though, some of the situations we find ourselves in, may at times be as wonderful as pecking a bill to obtain regurgitated food.. Oh the wonders of life! Now if you are following me at all at this point really you are to be commended and in my book will be referred to as a savant. Or perhaps just a fellow crazy companion.. All in all i will conclude with a quote that sums up the thoughts of this passage rather well. -- We are more often treacherous through weakness than through calculation. ~Francois De La Rochefoucauld

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