"To perceive is to suffer." - Aristotle

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Life as a Poet

Hello, my name is Chris. All my life i have enjoyed poetry to an extent, but recently have found writing to be something i love to do, and when i love something i pour my heart and soul into it, and i figured why keep my passion to myself when i can share it with others. I'm sure you all know, someone who is a poet, is usually pretty devoted to writing, but the thoughts that go through the mind, the philosophy, his mindset, and thoughts on life, are all made clear through how and what he (or she) writes.. So not only will this blog be devoted to poetry but it will also be devoted to philosophy and thoughts on life in general. There is no end to the list of things that can and will be discussed.. Independent pop culture at its finest ;) .. I hope to some this may serve as inspiration, a spark as it were, to not follow in the line of mainstream popularity. To steer away from the multi conglomerate corporate world, and have an original thought. Take for instance all of this Tiger Wood's pandemonium.. Every day at work this is all i hear.. Tiger Wood's this, Tiger Woods that, Really people? Has it really come to this in the world? Admittedly the celebrity Gossip pages have always been on the news stands, but why do so many people have such an interest in these things. The man is a Sinner. End of story, why do people find the need to document every little event that takes place with all of this? Is he not just another man on this earth? Yes, he can play golf pretty frickin' well, and for that he drives around in his Lamborghini's and falls to sleep in his McMansions. But he is just another imperfect human like the rest of us.. Why are people so interested in his disgusting cheating lifestyle? I find no reason to get involved in his drama i have enough of my own, thank you very much. In any case people will do what they do, gossip.. In my opinion gossiping does nothing more than put everything in shambles. If people would mind there own P's and Q's things might be a little different. But the end of this system of things will have to come for a change like that to happen, and it will. In due time. Its 2:00 am. I believe sleep is in order for me now. More later. Goodnight all.
Now i lay my head to Rest.
I Close my eyes until the morn
and Pray to God for all the best
and Awake another day as if newly born.

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