"To perceive is to suffer." - Aristotle

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Thoughts From A Creative Mind About Creativity.

Hello all, indeed it has again been some time since my last post. I apologize yet again. Tonight I sat down and said I want to blog. So I pop open blogger and hit new post. To my dismay a topic of discussion eludes me. So I sit and think of a topic. I realize the topic of creativity is an interesting one so I decide to go with that, but as i write this, I'm finding more appealing the analysis of my lack of a discussion point. Usually A topic is ready and willing to jump from my brain to the letters on a page. Why this time have I not something to talk about? At least immediately not, as usual. I find the idea that perhaps the recent happenings in my life might by chance be involved in the lack of things to complain about. Which is a good thing I suppose. But does this mean my blog will suffer? I think not. I think perhaps I'm just used to writing about things I dislike, when in fact I can write about good things in life.. Like the recent Lunar Eclipse to coincide with the winter solstice. This hasn't happened since 1638.. What a privilege! NASA reports it wont happen again until 2094. Maybe I'll catch it again than.. Assuming I live until 103. Anyhow, that is a topic for another discussion. Back to the lack of things to complain about. Things have been quite good recently. I'm starting to see my path in the art world. When realizing this was the industry that was meant for me, a huge wave of relief fell upon me. I had no idea of where to go, what i wanted to do, or what I really was good at as far as a career path. I'm naturally a creative person, unfortunately I was raised in a house with a lack of appreciation for the arts. So I never realized how much I loved the arts until fairly recently. With this realization spawned the desire to go to school for it. It has made me quite happy. My art is starting to become appreciated. My artwork is in its infancy stages and of course that means not a lot of people have seen it, but of the little who have, most I understand to see great potential in it. Which of course makes me happy. In addition to this I've befriended someone. Yes, Ill answer your question, it is a female. -Laughing to himself-. She is quite a person. She uses her brain, which is becoming less and less common. She is bit of a dork like myself, which is something I find appealing. That quirky sense of humor and appreciation for deeper things. She is an analyst like myself, but does not go too far in over-analyzing. Which can be quite a tricky thing to do. I think the thing I love the most though is that she understand how my mind works, and thinks very similarly. This is huge to me. I never thought I'd find someone who fully comprehended myself and how I think, But I think I have now. She certainly has been making me quite happy, and I believe will continue to do so. Thus the lack of things to complain about. Anyhow now that I've reached a point of analysis that I feel answers my question let us proceed to the topic of creativity. Creativity is an interesting thing. God is the foremost creative entity, and us being made in his image must mean we all have a degree of creativity in us. Of course we are all diverse and have different amounts of our qaulities. That being said, people who posses a little more creativity and act upon it I will call creative people. I think curiosity and creativity compliment eachother but are not required to posses one or the other. A curious person dives deeper into things, he longs to understand. A creative person sees more than the average person, he sees colors, shades, textures and shapes. Both think a little deeper than average, thus are in a way similar. On the subject of creativity and the arts. A creative person is not necessarily artistic, but more often than not, the creativity is nurtured in this facet. Creative people in my opinion think differently than less than creative people. With all of the sensory stimuli, other people do not acknowledge, comes a different way of seeing the world and consequently an altered way of thinking. I believe most creative people to be liberal minded. I think it takes an open mind to see the world the way creative people do. It's against the norm. No matter what people say, there most certainly is a central idea in society of how to view life. Creative people break free of that view and strive to understand life on their own independent terms. Their independent view usually shines forth in their work, as they strive to share their veiws with others, who they see as lost. I enjoy my unique view of life.