"To perceive is to suffer." - Aristotle

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Realisticlly Unrealistic

Wasn't that Safeguard your Spirituality such an up building assembly? I know myself it was something i needed very much. I also befriended some new Bethelites! Bryan Patton, Keegan, Tyler Long, Ryan.. All really awesome dudes. That was very nice. Life has been so realistically unrealistic, these past months have been a real test, and that test hasn't ended yet. I am trying to maintain the viewpoint that it is only helping me to become a stronger person. That which does not kill you, makes you stronger. I have my good days, and i have my bad, i suppose everyone does.. this I need also keep perspective of. The fact that it always could be worse, and that somewhere, someone, is going through a situation worse than mine. Not that it is of any comparison as to what I'm going through but on my way home tonight i saw a car flipped on its side. I also saw a teenager with his hood up over his head standing next to the white 80's mustang flipped on its passenger side.. I mean i know what it feels like to go through an accident, and it sucks. Never have i flipped a car, which i imagine to be even more traumatizing. The Adolescent appeared to be fine, physically speaking. But again i mean what if that were me? Those feelings you get.. oh so horrible. Perspective is everything, it really is, i have come to learn this. The way you perceive things can influence things a lot and a lot of things. We must try to always conclude, we know not all. This is hard to do seeing as though it goes against human tendency. But we must all put forth some effort to reason this way, because a lot of the time we don't know all about the situation or whatever may it be. Or perhaps we do but we aren't thinking of those things, we take the situation for face value instead of reasoning on the deeper parts. For such a complex world we live in we must have complex minds of reasoning or else all will entangle further. Take for instance the Gull chick. Soon after hatching, gull chicks peck at their parent's bill in order to obtain regurgitated food. One scientist evaluated the effective stimuli controlling this begging response by presenting the chicks a graded series of cardboard models that mimicked the parent's head and bill in a variety of ways. The number of responses elicited from the young gulls by the different models revealed that the size, action, and position of the bill were all involved, but perhaps most important was the presence of the contrasting red spot at the tip of the adult's bill. Importantly, he also established that not all features of the adult's head were critical, as neither the color of the model's head or its bill influenced the strength of the chick's response. Now what i conclude from this, which i find to be comparative to us, is this. "the size, action, and position of the bill were all involved, but perhaps most important was the presence of the contrasting red spot at the tip of the adult's bill." As well as the fact that not all features were important but some were, and more than one. In comparison to the fact that we must take into consideration the size, action and position of the situation we are in.. and that some of the events or conclusions we come to simply aren't as important as we imagine them to be. Really though, some of the situations we find ourselves in, may at times be as wonderful as pecking a bill to obtain regurgitated food.. Oh the wonders of life! Now if you are following me at all at this point really you are to be commended and in my book will be referred to as a savant. Or perhaps just a fellow crazy companion.. All in all i will conclude with a quote that sums up the thoughts of this passage rather well. -- We are more often treacherous through weakness than through calculation. ~Francois De La Rochefoucauld

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jamaican me crazyy..

Ah yes, so please forgive me all. I didn't end up taking any pictures last night.. it started with dinner where i felt as though taking pictures while people were trying to eat my be a little irritating to some, so i decided to leave my camera in the car. After we arrived at ice skating i was so focused on being with everyone and the fun ice skating to come that i totally forgot about it. In any case i had a very fun night. Got to see some ones i haven't seen in a while.. Ones dear to me.. As well as one dearest to my heart. Afterward I forgot my camera in Vinny's car and also lost my keys somewhere in the mix.. I Remember making sure they were in my coat pocket on the way to his car, perhaps they fell out somewhere subsequently. Or possibly is his car somewhere, but i swear i remember putting them on the dryer when i got home, oh well its not the end of the world. Either they will show up somewhere or i will have to get some copies made of spares. At least its not my wallet, that is one of the worst, you worry about identity theft and the money you lost in it. That is a most troublesome experience. But now you may ask what does any of this have to do with this Jamaican theme? Well i will answer. I just booked my plane tickets to Jamaica for February. I am looking forward to this trip with such an ebullient attitude. Its going to be a very nice get away. I will be leaving on Friday morning at 7:)00 A.M. arriving sometime mid afternoon, 3:00ish and staying until Tuesday evening. In which i will be returning for work on Wednesday. There is a family within the congregation i attend, newly baptized, who are from there, and we are going with them. My family will be leaving a little earlier than I and staying a little longer, for i must work :/. But all in all it shall be very nice. just got January to get through.. Shouldn't be too bad.. I just cant convey how wonderful this will be, i really could use this. mmm. Exciting! Just wanted to keep you updated on the eventful future up ahead. Tallk to you all soon. Love you all.

Friday, December 18, 2009

My view right now..

So Vinny insisted on driving and he picked up Jimmy before me.. So now I am forced to sit in the back of a car on my way to dinner in which we will be late.. And this is my view.. Just imagine, protest the hero playing alongside this.. Which is not exactly my favorite type of music but hey, ill be out of this seat in a bit.. And ill get to see my friends I haven't in a while I can endure.. Mmm the smell of clutch burning :) yes imagine that as well.. Be back soon, later.


Ok is it just me? or is it freaking cold outside? I'll answer that myself.. It's freaking cold outside! Fortunately i wore my thermals today ;) haha in any case, i believe i have plans tonight with some friends. Dinner and ice skating.. I expect the rink to be indoors, which i really hope it is! This is good, I'm going to see some people i haven't seen in a while. It will be a lovely evening. Perhaps i shall take some pictures.. Which leads be to bring up another passion of mine that I have let fall by the wayside. Photography! I find Photography as such a wonderful way of expression.. The Photographer to show life through his eyes and for a brief second you can see through his eyes. I may take this a little more seriously than some, but if you really think about it that is what it is. An individual takes a picture of a moment in time of what he saw through his eyes, and for some an emotion can become evident in how the picture is taken.. You can almost feel as they do. But sadly this love of mine has been put to the side. I took a Photography class in high school and told myself i was going to bring my camera everywhere and document my life.. but i never did. How sad! Rather i should view it as that its never too late.. So i believe i shall indeed bring my camera along with me tonight.. it will be nice. I will share the pictures later after my evening. For now i shall take care of some things before i get ready to depart. Talk to you all soon. With much love. Chris.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Life as a Poet

Hello, my name is Chris. All my life i have enjoyed poetry to an extent, but recently have found writing to be something i love to do, and when i love something i pour my heart and soul into it, and i figured why keep my passion to myself when i can share it with others. I'm sure you all know, someone who is a poet, is usually pretty devoted to writing, but the thoughts that go through the mind, the philosophy, his mindset, and thoughts on life, are all made clear through how and what he (or she) writes.. So not only will this blog be devoted to poetry but it will also be devoted to philosophy and thoughts on life in general. There is no end to the list of things that can and will be discussed.. Independent pop culture at its finest ;) .. I hope to some this may serve as inspiration, a spark as it were, to not follow in the line of mainstream popularity. To steer away from the multi conglomerate corporate world, and have an original thought. Take for instance all of this Tiger Wood's pandemonium.. Every day at work this is all i hear.. Tiger Wood's this, Tiger Woods that, Really people? Has it really come to this in the world? Admittedly the celebrity Gossip pages have always been on the news stands, but why do so many people have such an interest in these things. The man is a Sinner. End of story, why do people find the need to document every little event that takes place with all of this? Is he not just another man on this earth? Yes, he can play golf pretty frickin' well, and for that he drives around in his Lamborghini's and falls to sleep in his McMansions. But he is just another imperfect human like the rest of us.. Why are people so interested in his disgusting cheating lifestyle? I find no reason to get involved in his drama i have enough of my own, thank you very much. In any case people will do what they do, gossip.. In my opinion gossiping does nothing more than put everything in shambles. If people would mind there own P's and Q's things might be a little different. But the end of this system of things will have to come for a change like that to happen, and it will. In due time. Its 2:00 am. I believe sleep is in order for me now. More later. Goodnight all.
Now i lay my head to Rest.
I Close my eyes until the morn
and Pray to God for all the best
and Awake another day as if newly born.