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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jamaican me crazyy..

Ah yes, so please forgive me all. I didn't end up taking any pictures last night.. it started with dinner where i felt as though taking pictures while people were trying to eat my be a little irritating to some, so i decided to leave my camera in the car. After we arrived at ice skating i was so focused on being with everyone and the fun ice skating to come that i totally forgot about it. In any case i had a very fun night. Got to see some ones i haven't seen in a while.. Ones dear to me.. As well as one dearest to my heart. Afterward I forgot my camera in Vinny's car and also lost my keys somewhere in the mix.. I Remember making sure they were in my coat pocket on the way to his car, perhaps they fell out somewhere subsequently. Or possibly is his car somewhere, but i swear i remember putting them on the dryer when i got home, oh well its not the end of the world. Either they will show up somewhere or i will have to get some copies made of spares. At least its not my wallet, that is one of the worst, you worry about identity theft and the money you lost in it. That is a most troublesome experience. But now you may ask what does any of this have to do with this Jamaican theme? Well i will answer. I just booked my plane tickets to Jamaica for February. I am looking forward to this trip with such an ebullient attitude. Its going to be a very nice get away. I will be leaving on Friday morning at 7:)00 A.M. arriving sometime mid afternoon, 3:00ish and staying until Tuesday evening. In which i will be returning for work on Wednesday. There is a family within the congregation i attend, newly baptized, who are from there, and we are going with them. My family will be leaving a little earlier than I and staying a little longer, for i must work :/. But all in all it shall be very nice. just got January to get through.. Shouldn't be too bad.. I just cant convey how wonderful this will be, i really could use this. mmm. Exciting! Just wanted to keep you updated on the eventful future up ahead. Tallk to you all soon. Love you all.

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