"To perceive is to suffer." - Aristotle

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Memories of a time past.

Just downloaded two my morning jacket albums.. Ready for the 45 minute drive to the restaurant. Driving in our truck in my old seat I sat in all the time.. Before I had a car. We all have our unspoken places in the car. Mine is right behind the passenger seat. I like sitting on the right side of the car when im not driving.. I think unconsciously it's because I an better able to analyze what the driver is doing. I can see the gauges, our speed, gas level ect.. I can see how much the driver Is moving the steering wheel so as to know what to expect.. But anyway back to my old seat.. Being here again reminds me of back than especially because I'm doing what I'd do in the seat normally.. I'd plug into my iPod.. Before hand I did it more so as to avoid conversations and the annoyances of my sisters whether they were fighting or just being irritating.. My parents were going through a rough patch most of my growing up.. My dad drives aggressively and my mom gets car sick easily which lead to many arguments in the car. This was a big reason why I lost myself from the car into my world of music.. I didn't have to hear everything.. I would keep my eyes down so as not to see angry frustrated movements, wide open mouths, obviously speaking angrily.. Things have gotten better since than.. It's not frequent like it was than.. It'll still creep out every now And than mainly when there are other annoyances such as the girls fighting and moms nausea.. That's not the reason I do it today.. I do it today to pass the time and avoid that godawful alleged music my sisters convince my parents to play.. But it brings back the memories of another time.

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