"To perceive is to suffer." - Aristotle

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Pains of Perception.

Indeed it is I, Christopher, back from my hiatus which i sincerely apologize for, and will say for now will not happen again for a bit, I'm going to try to stay dedicated to keeping this updated and again I sincerely apologize. I'm here now for a special reason though. I'd like to heal myself through words, and i most certainly hope you do not feel used, far be that from the case. I'd like to talk about that quote on the top of the page. To perceive is to suffer - penned by one of mans great thinkers Aristotle. These five words have the power of a thousand. Perception to some, may simply mean how one sees and understands something. But if we really break down what perception is, it is far deeper than that simple definition. You see perception is everything we see and come to realize and acknowledge. Its how we see things and as different individuals we all have different levels and ways of perception. Some "better", some "worse", some false, some true. Those who see things for what they really are usually pained by what they see. Those clouded by false perceptions are usually content and happy. After all whats that famous adage? "Ignorance is bliss" is that it? In addition to this our intuition is shaped from our perception. From this intuition we see things further which can be upsetting at times, but hey the truth hurts sometimes, right? I still can't figure out which side is better.. I love who I am and what i perceive but it hurts a lot. As a take-away I am awarded with a unique way of seeing the world and because of this, beautiful words of recognition. Also I posses an appreciation for aesthetics most lack. But is this better than blissfully residing in ignorance? I suppose it is what it is, and we all will use our personal condition to the full. The result? .....

The eyes of many see none of which are
The trepidation of truth
Sitting on a high throne from afar

Though there be few with opened eyes
Pained by sorrowful factuality
We not deceive ourselves with lies
But see what be in actuality

This be what seperate us from them
Happiness and Sadness
The place where fact and fiction stem

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