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Friday, October 1, 2010

My Mondrian

Piet Mondrian was a famous dutch painter. His artwork, most know, is characterized by cubism. His work, though part of a movement at the time, is in my opinion highly original. His compositions with Black lines and colors within the squares or rectangles is genius. Though to many it may be thought to be extremely simplistic, and not worthy of any credit. To thinkers, such as myself, there is much to be credited to Mondrian. To balance this work is genius in itself. Its not just lines, four-sided shapes, and colors, there is a major balance between all the elements, that one could easily overstep in either direction. But Mondrian finds a way to balance it all perfectly. The world is made of nothing but shapes, And Mondrian knew this. This is why cubism as a movement is extremely credible and indefinitely intriguing. The artist deconstructs a subject and reassembles its shapes abstractly and yet elegantly. Picasso, Another well know Mexican artist Pioneered this movement. Cubism. Genius. Dare I to imitate Mondrian? I do. Its not quite balanced as perfectly as his, but its a step in the right direction i believe. Enjoy.

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