"To perceive is to suffer." - Aristotle

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chairs and Tables of a Time Forgotten.

Time: 11:40 Post Meridian Date: 3-3-10 Reason for posting: I feel like it. Discussion: As I lay in this dark room my thoughts start to fade into the black. Soon my thoughts will become nothing more than surreal thoughts. In turn those will become dreams. Dreams I may or may not remember. I can hear my heart beats pulsating in my ear as though there was someone continually beating a bass drum. Perhaps I should stop stating the obvious, and come up with something meaningful to debate. Well while this not really be a debate, more of my oppinion I'd like to share.. Whilst in Jamaica I noticed a trend.. no not the trend of everyone being black.. it was a trend that I used to follow but after getting caught up in day to day anxieties, I lost my cool. This was the trend that even though the people didn't have much they were content and for the most part happy. They went with the flow, they let it roll. Despite their circumstances. I love this culture. I mean, of course there is a time to realize the seriousness of a matter, but we shouldn't let this life overwhelm us.. In due time, all will pass. So why get caught up on little bumps in our path? We should be content with what we have, because somewhere someone has less than us. Yes.. if you are reading this, that means you have access to the internet.. there are some who wouldn't even be able to read this.. lets face it.. we have a lot. Even in these troubling times.. so we should not let these stressful last days of old get us down.. its not worth it. Our deliverance is soon at hand. And with that I will sign out and let my thoughts drift on to dreams. Night. Time: 12:00 Ante Meridian.

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