"To perceive is to suffer." - Aristotle

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Inevitable Algorithm of Life.

Would you my reader like to know the algorithm of life? Well today I'm offering just that. The price? Minutes of your time and the reading of this post. Yes that's it folks. Quite the deal we have here. Jump on it before its too late. Well you see, life is not like a freaking box of chocolates. If it were I would be quite happy. I rarely ever pick up a chocolate i dislike out of those variety boxes. Life is very much not that way. You see life is actually like a rollercoaster. The ups and downs. It always, and I don't care who disagrees with this statement, fools, it ALWAYS goes this way. You get to the top and things are going great. The sun is there, you are on top of your game, everything is seeming to go your way. Nothing can get you down, You are on top of the world! The negatives of life fade to the back as if transparent. And than just like that. They all come crashing to the foreground of everything. Yes that's right, you are descending the rail at the speed of light it seems. You come to the bottom and everything seems to plateau. Everything still sucks, but hey at least its steady.. And you inevitably begin to ascend again and things get better and better until once again you are at the top .. Awaiting the great inevitable fall once again. Sometimes the drop isn't as far as other times. But this is the algorithm of life. I've figured it out.

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